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Serving Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Loaves and Fishes 2

Loaves and Fishes is committed to serving those who are hungry, despite the challenges that COVID-19 presents. We recognize that this unprecedented time has deeply affected everyone, and left many individuals and families in precarious situations. 

In recent weeks, Loaves and Fishes has been able to provide free meals in a safe way. Our food is always prepared with gloves and hair nets, but we have gone the extra mile to ensure safety during this crisis. Wearing masks and

gloves, volunteers pass out individual meals outside of our facility every

Saturday afternoon.

Loaves and Fishes has a new building!

​An anonymous donor is helping to feed the homeless through Curtis Taylor's service. Read the article by clicking on the title above to learn more about the exciting news for Loaves and Fishes!


To see a video of the unfinished space click on the video below.

Founder of Loaves and Fishes receives prestigious Bell Award

Loaves and Fishes is making the news! The Founder of Loaves and Fishes, Curtis Taylor, has received multiple awards including the Governor's Citation and the WLKY 2013 Bell Award. Click on the title above to read about Curtis receiveing the Bell Award.

Volunteer Spotlight

Kate Marquardt

Initially, I got involved with Loaves and Fishes because I am a parishioner at St. Francis in the Fields. I have grown up watching Curtis put out his cookies for people in exchange for a dollar which would be donated to his ministry. As much as I love going to church every Sunday, I really looked forward to giving my dollar, and enjoying a cookie after services.


It has been very special for me to have a role model like Curtis to look up to and learn from. He has taught me by example how to give back to the community and to look out for those in need. He does it with a big heart and in a Christ-like way. This is how I would like to live my life-by giving back to the community with a big heart and in a Christ-like way.


Loaves and Fishes is helping to Keep Louisville Fed | WAVE3 Feature

Read about the the Loaves and Fishes inspiring story to change lives one meal at a time. What started as a small endeavor has turned into a full fledge service ministry. Click on the title above to read more about how it all began.

Loaves and Fishes' letter of appreciation


Loaves and Fishes participated with the ERC Youth Program during their first year of operation. Through this program, youth between the ages of 13-17 who have been in and out of the juvenile justice system volunteer with their families at local organizations. To read the full letter of appreciation from the ERC Program Coordinator, please click on the title above.




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